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Oven Stove Repair and Maintenance

A few of the problems that you could be facing with your oven or stove are their a lack of heat, error codes appearing on the touchpad, or the burners are not lighting.  These type of problems can persist for a number of reasons.  The skilled technician at JDL can have your problem diagnosed and fixed promptly.  Also, there is no service fee with the repairs.
Use a cleanser specifically designed for ovens to ensure proper food safety. Frequent cleaning of the stove top is important. Food that is baked on, or grease stains can be unsightly, unsanitary and can become a fire hazard. For frequent cooks, you’ll need to clean or change your range hood exhaust filters several times per year, the less you cook the less you will need to clean.   Clean behind and under your oven with a vacuum cleaner attachment at least once every year.

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