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How to Reduce Energy Cost by Optimizing the Temperature for Your Refrigerator

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No matter who you are, from Donald Trump to the average Joe Sixpack, it is safe to assume that you are always looking for ways to save money on expenses and keep it in your own pockets, whether on your taxes or on utility bills.  Like many things in life, this one also starts at home, to be more specific, your refrigerator.  Your refridgerator unlike other appliances or electronics, is always running, so it would behove you to ensure it’s running efficiently.  Take the following steps to ensure your refrigerator is running at the correct temperature while also reducing your energy needs.

What is the Right Temperature

First, figure out what the right temperature is.  The purpose of your refrigerator is to ensure that the food you store is kept at a temperature that will stave off bacteria, so anything below 40° F (4° C) is recommended, to optimize we suggest keeping the temperature between 35° – 38° F (1.6° – 3.3° C) An optimized freezer temperature is 0° – 5° F (-15° – -18° C).

How to Tell What Your Refrigerator Temperature is

If you have a newer model refrigerator their may be a digital display, but many refrigerators may simply allow you to set the dial to cool, cooler, or cold.  The resulting temperature from setting the dial in this manner can vary and you may be over cooling your refrigerated items and burning unnecessary energy as well.  The best way to check the temperature to ensure efficiency is with an appliance thermometer, they can be picked up at relatively low cost.

Monitor the Temperature

Finally Make sure to periodically check up on the temperature and monitor any spikes or dips.  Maintain the temperature by reducing how mnay times the door is opened, and by ensuring that the seal on the doors is free of gunk build up with no cracks, loose or missing sections.  With these simple steps you will extend the life of your appliance while saving some extra cash along the way.

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