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Washer Repair and Maintenance

A few of the problems you could be facing with your washing machine can be that it’s not spinning, draining, or agitating.  Additionally you may find that the door is not locking or  that the washer is leaking water.   These problems can appear for various reasons.  The skilled technician at JDL can have your problem diagnosed and fixed promptly.  Also, there is no service fee with the repairs.
Maintain any mold build up by running a cycle with hot water and vinegar.  Also when adding detergent, less is better and much more effective for your machine.  In the United States and Canada washing machine hose failures cause about $170 million in damage to homes each year.  In order to reduce the chance that a hose belonging to your washer will fail, inspect your washing machine hoses every two years.  If in your inspection it is revealed that your hoses are splitting, blistered or cracked, replace them immediately. No matter whether the damage is visible to the naked eye hoses wear out; change them every six years just to be safe.

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